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Six Questions to Ask Yourself If You're Quitting Facebook

With the premiere of The Social Dilemma, I'm seeing even more people than usual quitting Facebook or limiting their interactions on it.Lately, even I've thought about pulling back, but I thought that before I did, I should ask myself some questions that seem important if you're going to remove one of the greatest tools for connectivity that's ever been given to humanity, democracy-compromising and political-hellscaping aside.Here's what I came up with:1. How are you going to remember people's birthdays?  If you think I'm going to forgive you for forgetting my birthday because you're not on Facebook hahahahaha have fun buying a planner and writing everything down again, because I remember those days, and I hated them. I hated those days. Those days were not fun.2. I do theater. How am I going to promote theater without Facebook? Where are people going to see that I'm doing whatever it is I'm doing? Not that they care, but where will they see the …
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Theater After A Wolf

Over a year ago, I got myself embroiled with a community that had been harboring a Wolf.If you want to begin the journey, there are several entries about the Wolf, but these are two early ones this is the last one-- the one-year anniversary of that interview, I wanted to check in on someone within that community so see how they're doing.The goal was to find out how a community gets past exiling someone that had caused it trauma, and how to avoid burning the whole thing to the ground.Here's the interview:ME:  Thanks for speaking with me.THEM:  I wanted to speak with you when you were doing this a year ago, but you never asked me.ME:  We spoke off-the-record.THEM:  You didn't want to hear what I had to say.ME:  (Laughs.)  We were on the p…

Seven Ways To Get Me Back Into A Theater

I think we all remember where we were when we read about countries reopening their theaters by having audiences do temperature checks, wear masks throughout the show, and walk through some sort of disinfectant fog before entering.
I remember thinking, I can barely get an audience to come see a show if I pick them up, buy them dinner, and wash their car afterwards. You want me to ask them to walk through a MEDICINAL SPRAY?
So I started playing a fun new game with my friends.
It was called, informally, "What Show Would You Swallow Glass to See?" because, let's face it, we're only about one step below that in terms of what we're asking of people who begrudge us asking them to turn off their cell phones in case their six-year-old calls wanting to know if he can watch a rated-R movie before bed.
(For the love of god, Jennifer, I'm trying to do Pinter up here. Just tell little Mikey he can watch Bloodsucker 7 on Hulu tomorrow night and hang up. You're already confu…

Theater and Legacy

Late last year, I had an amazing conversation with an unforgettable person.
You can read it here:

That person spoke about doing theater while living with a terminal illness.
At the time, they thought they had about a year left, but we kept in touch, and the disease progressed much faster than anyone anticipated.
Early last week, they passed away.
I don't always spend a lot of time getting to know the people I interview for this series, but this was an exception that has added so much to my life. In a year that has already seen so much turmoil and heartache, this felt like yet another tragedy that was too expansive to process.
As I begin to wrap this series up, this seemed like a sign that maybe I should call it quits early, but one of the joys of getting to know this person was her tendency to bring so many people in her life into friendships with each other. I grew close to many of her colleagues, one of…

What Happens on Fire Island...

Two months and seven thousand years ago, over the July 4th weekend, my social media platforms were overwhelmed with shocked and appalled responses to what was happening on Fire Island.Now, if you're a gay man (or if you're just gay-adjacent), it's not uncommon to feel the yearly FOMO of watching other gay men document every second of their gay-cations as soon as summer begins. It does wonders for my seasonal depression, and for some reason, it starts earlier every year with new themed weeks popping up all the time.(Patrick's Day Otter Week in PTown? Sure, guys. If you say so.)That's why my initial reaction to all the reactions screaming outrage and shock was "Okay, yes, they're being wildly irresponsible" but also "We're all just kind of a little bit jealous that we're not there...right?"I mean, what could be better than having a socially justifiable reason to shame and mock gorgeous people who are having the time of their lives whil…

Theater and the Pigpen Problem

Theater and the Lucy Lie

Before we begin, make sure you're all caught up by reading these in order--
This week is a big one.
I was turned onto this story by one of its main player's relatives, but I had a hard time getting that person to speak with me.
Until now.
Here's the interview:
ME:  We actually sort of know each other.
LUCY:  Sort of.  (Laughs.)  I hope they don't go looking through your Facebook to find me.
ME:  What made you hesitant to speak to me?