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American Idol: Nobody Sang "I Will Always Love You"

-- Because apparently nobody else in the music industry wanted to go on the biggest show in the country, they got Quentin, and all kinds of Hell broke loose.  For one thing, can we let all the judges talk?  I enjoy Fringe as much as the next guy, but look at NBC, they give Biggest Loser 2 HOURS!!!  They know that when you have a hit, you let it run as long as it wants.  Cut into local news if you have to.  Okay, end of rant.  Let's do the Top Seven, worst to best.  --
Anoop:  This kills me, it really does.  But here's my reason for putting Anoop on the bottom.  It's the same reason I don't like Adam, and why I now have my wish to win (even though I know he won't).  Anoop is not going to be played on the radio.  If all you can do without looking awkward are cheesy ballads, then you're in trouble.  He's a novelty.  It's sad to say that we can't have anybody and everybody on the radio today, but it's a fact.  He also doesn't have the fallbacks t…

Tough Love? More Like Tool Love

For those of you who don't watch it, consider yourselves lucky.
Tough Love is a VH1 show--more like Charm School, than Rock of Love--but nonetheless, all the more disgusting due to the fact that it tries to pass itself off as a show seeking to do good.
The tool who runs this show is named Steve.  He tells women that he can tell them what straight men really want, and get them married.  As if being married is the ultimate goal of any intelligent woman.
SIDENOTE:  I was listening to the John Tesh radio show--usually a guilty pleasure--when he read a statistic that couples who don't live together before marriage have longer marriages than couples who do live together.  He then had the gaul to say "It's not my opinion, just a statistic."  Um, do you think that might be because the couples that DON'T live together before marriage are more religious, and therefore are more likely to stay in a bad marriage rather than commit the "sin" of divorce?  Why would y…

American Idol Top 8: I Have Shoes Older Than Allison

So everybody's done some position shifting, in my opinion.  The good went bad, the bad went great, and now the Garfunkel needs to go home.  American Idol Recap, Worst to Best:
Scott MacIntyre - The search is, in fact, over.  Scott is the worst contestant on the show.  I actually would have preferred that Megan hung around another week after hearing this.  Do the Osmonds need another kid?
Danny Gokey - It sounded...old.  It sounded like, say it with me now, Michael MacDonald.  It sounded like something you'd hear in an elevator going up to the third floor of a cheap hotel.  I agree with Simon, it was lazy, but more than just the middle part.  "Stand By Me" is a simple and sweet song, and he tried to push it into something it's not.  Didn't enjoy.
Adam Lambert - Am I the only one who thinks he sounded like the creepy old guy from Family Guy?  'C'mere little boy, I won't bite--I just want to sing Tears for Fears for you...'  He's probably going …

American Idol: The Nine

--  Top Forty?  Eh, not really.  Still, some highs and lows.  Let's start with the lows and go up from there. --
Megan:  Don't turn the lights down, just turn the sound off.
Anoop:  Never, never, never, never sing "Caught Up" in a singing competition.  Multiply that advice by a thousand if you're not black.  Anoop has no niche, and I don't think he's ever going to find one either.  He has a good voice, but he's not marketable.  It's sad.  (He's still my favorite.)
Matt:  Ironically, after saying that he sounds just like the lead singer from The Fray, he does "You Found Me."  The problem is, when you already sound just like someone, you shouldn't be singing their songs--at that point, it just sounds like an impersonation.  He needs to let someone else pick his songs from now on.
Scott:  Okay, it was the best he's done.  Considering how safe the song choice was, I don't think that's saying much.  I think it would be perfect…