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On Ambition

This has been my experience with ambition
When you decide you want to do something There are people all around you saying—
Do whatever you have to do To get that thing you want
If you don’t do whatever it takes Somebody else will And they’ll get the thing you want
So you start out to get what you want And you think, Okay, so I just need to work hard And eventually, I’ll get the thing
But what you don’t count on Is that sometimes it isn’t about Who works hard and who doesn’t
Even though most people work hard And a lot of people seem to be working harder Than you could ever work
What you don’t count on Is that sometimes the obstacle in front of you Isn’t the work you’re going to have to do But something else
Something moral or political A choice you have to make That goes against what you believe in Or what you think is the right thing to do But there’s a sign in front of that choice saying—
If you don’t do this You stop here No going any further No getting what you want
And as you’re …

Another All-White Oscar Year, and Other Things to Complain About

Some quick Oscar thoughts:

First and foremost, this is not the first year everyone is glaringly aware that the Oscars have a race problem, but now it seems like the race problem breaks down into two scenarios:

1.  A year where African-American actors just aren't given roles that would earn them accolades, which is more of an indictment of Hollywood than the Oscars--like last year.

2.  A year where there were plenty of amazing performances by African-American actors and the Academy is just like--"Oh?  Black people?  Didn't see any.  Sorry about that."

#2 is a straight-up Oscar problem, and that's where we are this year.

Let me just do the rundown for you, since I hate when people bring up snubs but don't say what should have been nominated and what should have been left out.

I'm going to be blunt about this:

Idris Elba from Beasts of No Nation and Jason Mitchell from Straight Outta Compton are betterthan Mark Ruffalo is Spotlight and Christian Bale in The B…