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Wonder Woman

Last night, I saw "Wonder Woman," and aside from all the well-deserved praise it's receiving, I can't believe that every comic book nerd on the planet isn't bowing down to Patty Jekins for recapturing the essence of what makes superheroes--especially DC superheroes--so entertaining--

The fact that they want to be superheroes.

By handing over their cinematic universe to tortured, testosterone-driven, emo-men, Warner Bros. and DC transformed their line-up of heroes into a bunch of ego-driven sociopaths with no real purpose other than to stare up at the sky and wonder why they were cursed with burdens like the ability to fly or drive cool cars or throw cars at bad guys.

Then along comes Wonder Woman to remind us--

Oh yeah, that shit's fun!

As I was watching the movie, I wanted to cheer every time some guy told Wonder Woman not to do something and she did it anyway, both because it was a woman defying men, and also because it was a badass looking at non-badasses sayin…