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The Staggered Price Schedule

I've noticed an unfortunate trend lately when it comes to Rhode Island theater. More and more people seem to be waiting until the last weekend to see a show. The past two shows I worked on had to turn people away at the final performances when other weekends had plenty of seats available. Procrastination not only cost people the opportunity to see some fantastic theater, but it cost the theaters much-needed revenue.

So what's the solution?

You can't send people back in time to see a show. You also can't change the mentality of an entire state.

I suppose you could do fewer performances, but then you'd inevitably hear people complaining that they don't have enough chances to see your show.

I'm convinced that if I ran a production for an entire year, I'd still have people calling me to tell me they have to miss it, but oh, if only I were doing one more weekend.

I've come to the decision that the only way to make reserving tickets early or showing u…