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The Superbowl

For me, the Superbowl is like a party that everybody’s going to, but me.
It’s like Valentine’s Day when you’re single.
It’s like the 4th of July when it’s raining.
You can appreciate it, and you don’t want to ruin it for other people, but a big part of you just wants it to be over.
It’s not the people who like football that I mind.It’s the people who know nothing about football, but watch the game just because it’s something to do.
The nice thing is that the Superbowl airing means it won’t be long before my personal Superbowl airs—
The Oscars.

Game of Thrones

I put off watching Game of Thrones because I was convinced that I was going to read the books, and I wanted to do that first before I started watching the series.
Then I got about a third of the way through the first book, put it down, and never got back to it.Now Game of Thrones is a pop culture phenomenon and I had to admit to myself that I was probably not going to get back to the first book, and that even if I did, I was going to have to watch the series before that anyway.
Of course, by watching the show, it’s way more likely that—even knowing the books are always better—I’ll probably never read them.
I used to be such an avid reader and now it’s taking a lot to get me back on the horse.When you write, you feel like you should always be writing, and so things like reading fall by the wayside.
But I can still squeeze in another hour of television.
Do with that what you will.

Swearing Onstage

I like to swear—a lot.
But it’s always tricky having characters swear.It’s definitely easier than it must have been years ago, because people are just more used to it, but it’s still tricky.
The minute you put the “F” word in a play, you risk a certain alienation.Often times I write the word, and then when I hear it out loud for the first time, I end up taking it out.More than anything else you do onstage, you have to earn the right to swear.Either by showing that it’s the absolute truth of your characters, or that the situation calls for nothing else.
In life, you can swear just because you feel like it, but onstage it has to count.

Best Supporting Actress 2015

Regarding the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress—
I don’t think Patricia Arquette deserves to win.
She was godawful for the first half of Boyhood—maybe even two thirds of it.The only reason she was better by the end of it is because at that point she’d been playing the damn character for a decade.
Meryl Streep deserves to win, but she won’t, because people are like “Ugh, we CAN’T give Meryl another Oscar.We just can’t.”
And I get that, but in that case, you should have nominated Tilda Swinton for Snowpiercer and that this whole problem would be solved, so I have no sympathy for you Academy.
No sympathy at all.