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On the Debates: Part One

I was asked by a website who loves lists to rank the
first batch of candidates after the Democratic debate
last night.

Now, I’m never above taking a writing job, and I’ve
done far worse than rank political candidates (Gossip
Girl fanfic, anyone?), but this is one job I just couldn’t do.

Not because of some high moral authority, but because
after watching both parts of last night’s debate, it’s hard
to say who the winners and losers are.

Actually, that’s only half true.

Based on my social media feeds, the prevailing mood
seemed to be variations of the following:

Oh god, are we really doing this again?
None of these people can win. Who are these people? Beto looks like he’s going to ask Senator Warren to
copy her math homework.

Okay, so that last one was just me, but still--things
were looking bleak.

And why?

We had a roster of candidates who, for the most part,
were articulate, informed, and--if nothing else--totally
inoffensive.  Not one accused the other of having little
hands or no scruples or…

Theater and The Big Bad Wolf

My conversation today is unique in that it's with someone I had never spoken to until the time came to do this interview.  If you read last week's conversation, you know that this person was referred to me.  They are a theater artist with a long career and impressive resume who has since decided to leave their respective theater community.

Here's the interview:

ME:  I feel so liberated talking to you already because you're from so far away.

THEM:  Canada's not that far away.

ME:  You're my first international conversation.

THEM:  I feel like I have to represent all of my country right now.

ME:  You do.  You really do.

THEM:  I've been preparing for this my whole life.

ME:  You were--I don't know if the word should be 'referred,' but someone said--You need to talk to so-and-so, and here we are.

THEM:  Here we are.

ME:  Now, your story is one I think we've heard a lot, but what was interesting to me in the conversation we had e-mailing back and…