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Fun with Fall Fashion

Details Magazine published a how-to guide regarding the "urban sophisticate look" involving fall "suiting."

I was confused just writing that sentence.

Then I took a look at the photos, and realized this was a fantastic opportunity--not for me to learn how to pick out a fall suit, because most of these cost more than my car--but for a bit of creative writing.

You see, Details doesn't just instruct you what to buy. It shows you men wearing the clothing and how handsome they are, and then you're supposed to follow suit.

(See what I did there?)

But why would you want to look like these guys (aside from the devastating good looks) when they seem so unhappy?

Here's my idea of what's going on behind the photos, you know, aside from the clothing.

Click on the link and follow along:

Photo One: So these guys just dumped a dead body in the river, and now they…

The Retweeting of Barbara Walters

It’s been over a year since we last checked in with my best girlfriend Barbara Walters and her fascinating Twitter account, so I’ve decided to pop by and say hello.

As soon as I logged back onto Barbara’s twitter account, I could tell she’d been busy getting reacquainted with some gal pals of her own.

Met yesterday in Maryland with my old friend, great woman, Mrs. Anwar Sadat. It bought back so much history.

Babs shows no sign of retiring, but the workload does her get down just like any other girl.

Big mtg today with the team to talk about the Royal Wedding. Too much homework to do this weekend.

But she still enjoys her recreational time.

Going to the Ralph Lauren store for private shopping. Will spend too much money.

That is, when she’s not saving your life.

I will save your life. Watch my special tonight "A Matter of Life and Death" 10:00pm on ABC.

Yup, she’s still doing those specials. And her teasers for them can be downright enigmatic at times.

What do Letterman, Pres. Clin…

The Post-Orgasm World

--- Sex/Corp ---

Here at Sex/Corp, we've been spending years figuring out how to incorporate sex into the everyday world, aiming for a society with more passion, peace, and prosperity.

We're happy to announce that we've now developed a pill that, when taken daily, will keep men and women in a constant state of post-coital pleasure.

Here are some testimonials:

TEST SUBJECT #1 ("JOHN"): Hahahahaha God, isn't everything just hysterical? Hahahahaha, you know who I should call up and forgive? That guy who stabbed me when I was sixteen. Hahaha he really wasn't such a bad guy. I mean, what's a stabbing anyway, right? Isn't it important just to, you know, be happy and laugh and hahaha sorry I was just thinking about something I just did a few minutes ago and hahaha wooooo hahaha Gee...