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Let's Talk About Drag Race

Spoilers ahead--I think.

I'm assuming I'm going to spoil something
at some point, so just be ready for that.

First off, this is not going to be one of those
Drag Race Sucks posts.  Believe it or not,
I actually thought this was a pretty solid
season when you consider it's being produced
by a bunch of people who have absolutely
no interest in ever changing up the format
or structure of the show in any way.

Their approach seems to be--

Save all the tricks for All-Stars and just
coast through normal seasons.

I'll confess that it's a little sad to see a show
that was once so cutting edge become more
complacent than shows like Survivor and
Project Runway when it comes to keeping
things fresh, but you get the sense that
the Drag Race producers are falling back
on the same excuse singing competitions
have used for years about why they never
mix things up a little.  There's an assumption
that just getting dynamic contestants will
do the work for you.

What we saw this seaso…

Let's Talk About Summertime Sadness

I’m taking a little break from talking about  theater to talk about a new topic everybody’s  obsessed with--
Seasonal Depression
For a long time, I thought I was the only  one who got it in the summer, but after  posting a few sad tweets about it, a couple  of people reached out, and I chose one of  them to go anonymous, and talk about it.
Here’s the interview:
ME:  So I did some research--
THEM:  You Googled.
ME:  I Googled, and it turns out--being  sad in the summer isn’t actually all that  uncommon.
THEM:  Yes, Kevin, there’s an entire Lana  Del Rey song about it.
ME:  Except the reasons I think it affects me  aren’t what they list on a lot of the websites I found.
THEM:  What are the reasons?

ME:  I sort of associate summer with, like, me  being stuck in place?  Because it always feels  like ‘Oh, look at all these people graduating’  and then I have to reflect on what I’ve done  with my life.  Does that happen to you?

What to Complain About on Social Media and When to Do It

In January, complain about how crowded
 the gym is--with all the new people trying
 to get in shape.
Or you can complain about the people 
complaining about how many people
 are at the gym.
Complain about the cold--if it’s cold.
Maybe there’s snow, and if there’s snow, 
make sure to complain about the snow.
If there’s supposed to be snow and then
 there’s no snow, complain about how there
 was supposed to be snow but then there wasn’t.
You can also complain about the people 
complaining about the snow or lack of snow.
In February, complain about the Valentine’s 
Day if you don’t have a valentine.
If you do have a valentine, just complain 
about the cold.
Or the snow.
Complain about the new movie that didn’t
 turn out to be good, even though when the
 trailer came out you said “This looks so good!”
  It’s okay. Nobody will remember that you said
 that when the time comes to talk about how 
awful the movie looks.
Complain about how a television series ended.
Complain about people who talk about politics 
and com…